The Lanes Bristol


The Lanes is one of Bristol's hottest retro venues...


The Lanes contains 5 authentic 'Brunswick' bowling lanes, 2 bars & a retro diner suited for the more mature and relaxing crowd who just want to have a good time.


The Lanes is based around the 1950's era, allowing you to let your hair down when it comes to motown, with the fantastic monthly event 'Shake, Rattle & Bowl' taking people back in time with 50's and 60's Rock n Roll, Soul, Motown, Girl Groups, Freakbeat, Psychedelia and Ska.


The combination of Live bands, DJ's and bowling really makes this venue different, separating this from other nightlife venues.


Overall - If you are into your 50's & 60's music and like a dance with a bit of bowling, then this is the venue for you.


The Lanes also cater for the younger generation by hosting some of the best pop punk / skate punk events such as 'Fat Lip'. By the name you can tell that they bang out tunes from some of the best bands such as Sum 41, Blink 182, Limp Bizkit to name a few. If you want to get moshing, then this is where it happens.


Contact details:

The Lanes

22 Nelson Street



Tel: 0117 325 1979