SWX Night Club Bristol


SWX is one of Bristol's biggest night clubs and was typically known as a dance super club however since the re-branding they find themselves opening up to a more diverse audience hosting live gigs, and comedy shows as well as some of the worlds most famous DJs.


SWX is a venue that is spread across 2 floors.

Floor 1 being the biggest with a capacity to hold over 1000 people, boasting a £300,000 lighting and sound system which makes it perfect for hosting big events. The 2nd floor holding 500 people that tends to play R&B music.

We would say that SWX tends to attract age ranges between 18 and 25, although this is not necessarily the case when a band or gig is taking place.


SWX Night Club is simply one of Bristol's best venues - a night club how it should be.

Contact details:

SWX Night Club

15 Nelson Street,



Tel: 01179 450325


Website: swxbristol.com