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Starting from a young age Sazzey loved music, she was writing songs all the time and she was only 14 years old when she first step foot into a studio to record her own music. She then started to buy her own recording equipment so she could record her tracks at home as that was more convenient. Once she got her track’s up together, she started to upload them to sound cloud which got her more exposure.

When she was 19 years old she worked in Turkey as a holiday rep and that was the first time she performed in front of people, 460 people to be exact. After that experience she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life and that was to write lyrics and produce music. When she came back from Turkey she started to perform in a band with Makala.


Whilst in that band she beatboxed, rapped and was a backing singer. Whilst she was writing her own music and performing in a band she was applying for competitions, one in particular was an open mic competition, she made it through to the regional finals at the NEC in Birmingham. She’s also performed at loads of festivals in Bristol including Harbour festival, Balloon Fiesta and Bristol pride which was in front of 6000 people! Sazzey is currently recording fresh new tracks and will be releasing a mix tape in the New Year alongside her EP which will be released through Frillbeats record label.


Sazzey has many videos which you can see on Youtube, she produces and edits them all herself. Sazzey will be going to different cities in the New Year to perform at open mic nights and to get herself heard. So check out her website to find out more information and to see her perform at a city near you:

Questions put to Sazzey:

What music do you play?

My music has a mixture of genres from RnB, HipHop,Soul and Garage, which I love to play and I listen to all types of music which gives me inspiration to write songs and progress to another level.

What Venues do you currently gig at?

I currently gig at many venues around Bristol, I go to a variety of Open Mic nights through the week, every Monday at Gallimaufry on Gloucester Road, Blue Lagoon on a Tuesday, Left Bank and Mr Wolves on a Wednesday and the Kings Arms in Brislington on a Thursday. I perform at many festivals in the summer from Harbour Festival, Balloon Fiesta, Bristol Pride, Brisfest,Upfest,Redfest and many more.    

What venue in Bristol would you love to perform at if you were given the chance?

This is a difficult question for me as I have 2 places I would love to perform at the first one would be at the 02 Academy and my second would be at the Colston Hall. As growing up when I was younger I saw many artists perform at these venues and I have always wanted the chance to perform on these 2 stages that would be my dream come true.


You can find more music by Sazzey on Soundcloud and Youtube:




Twitter: @SAZZEY_

Facebook page:


If you are interested in booking Sazzy or wish to get in touch with her, you can contact her directly at:


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