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TECHNO WILL BE TECHNO @ The Office - 3rd September 2016

The night is a mix from 45s, electro, techno, acid techno and is held at The Office on Foundry Lane, a quirky venue to say the least!


The Dexorcist (Battle Trax, Dead Silence)

Esther Ofei (Uglyfunk, Pure Filth)

Underground Girl (S-CAT/Strait-Jackit)

Sikaflex (Uglyfunk)

Sarah Ka (Uglyfunk)

Dave Sandison (Fnoob, Techno Rebels, TWBT)

Pete D (Brothers Grim, Acidic)

MissDeMeAnour (Techno will be Techno)

Dj Fak (Future Music FM, Fnoob)

Leyla-P (Fnoob)

DJ Twisted (Global DNB, Fantazia)

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