Motion Bristol


Motion is a nightclub that offers a truly unique clubbing experience by linking multiple warehouses together to create that festival go like feeling.


Motion used to be a skate park, that was converted into one of Bristol’s most loved night clubs, and is a hot spot for Bristol’s local ravers.


Now-a-days, most night clubs feel commercialised but Motion stands out from the crowd and holds it’s own reputation within the city.


The venue and events that go on at Motion are pretty spectacular, which reminds us of the old school style raves - Glow paint, wacky costumes and a bar that sales can’s of beer… Your in for a good time if you are the wild type!


You can expect to see some of the worlds leading DJ’s, bands and other artists playing at Motion, as the venue is big enough for large scale events.


Motion is situated just outside the city centre, therefore a taxi may be advisable, it’s your call as there isn’t much else near by, but you would probably see the night out here!

Contact details:

74-78 Avon Street