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Starting from a young age Sazzey loved music, she was writing songs all the time and she was only 14 years old when she first step foot into a studio to record her own music. She then started to buy her own recording equipment so she could record her tracks at home as that was more convenient. Once she got her track’s up together, she started to upload them to sound cloud which got her more exposure...

Supporting Bristol's Local Artists has always been dedicated to supporting local artists, and promoting Bristol's events, bars, clubs & hotels for free. We've always been a not-for-profit website ever since the website was born on Christmas day 2006.  Nothing has changed today, were not in it for the money, were in it for the love of music, clubbing and to simply give that extra bit of support to anyone needing it by promoting them for free.  This is why we have relaunched our Local Artists page, where you can submit your information to us and have your own page on the site that you can share with your friends, family, social media or wherever you want.

If you are a local artist (e.g DJ, Singer, MC, Band) and would like to be featured on Bristol Nightlife, please fill in the form below and provide us with as much information about you as an artist as possible.   We will then respond to you where you can email us any images that you would like to feature on your page.

Things to consider for your page:

  • Autobiography of yourself or band

  • What genre of music do you play

  • What venues do you currently gig at?

  • What venue in Bristol would you love to play at if you were given the chance?

  • Links to Videos (youtube prefered)

  • Your music via Sound Cloud

  • Contact details to be displayed so venues could potentially book you

Success! Message received.

Supporting Bristol's local artists.

This could be you or your band being advertised right here!

To get listed on and have your own page, please read the information on the right and fill in the form!  It's free.

Supporting Bristol's local artists.

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