How strict is Bristol for ID? (Identification)

Bristol has become a popular city, with many fine clubs, bars and restaurants.


Increasing interest from people all over the UK has sparked a strict order when it comes to ID - When visiting Bristol, ID should be your number one priority as you will have a hard job getting in without it.  


Some clubs now require ID to be scanned before entering the club for security purposes, no matter how old you appear to be.

What type of clubbing events take place in Bristol regularly?

Several big events happen in Bristol on a regular basis...


The O2 Academy and SWX host the most events, ranging from dance events such as Gatecrasher, Godskitchen & Hed Kandi to Hard Rock, Bands & Indie.


The Bierkeller does what it does best with Punk, Gothic and Metal and all sorts of weird and funky stuff.


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What clubs will let large groups in?

Most venues say they are happy for large groups to enter their venue's as long as they behave outside of the club, if you are acting inappropriate or are simply too drunk, then they may refuse entry...

We aren't always convinced this is the case, so our answer is behave when outside but split up into two's and three's.  Dress code is always an issue, so make sure you dress smart to narrow down any potential problems!

How do I get guest list for Bristol’s main venues?

Promoters for clubs come and go, some are reliable, but most are not.


We used to provide guest list and discounts for several venues.

However management and staff change which means offers stop.


Guest list usually isn’t worth it.. Typically you will end up queuing longer for guest list entry than you would for normal entry.

Where is the best place to go for stag & hen parties?

As always, a bar crawl is probably the best way to start, see how far you get before ending up at a night club.


Most venues will let stag & hen parties in, providing you aren't to drunk or misbehaving.

What is the best night to go out in Bristol?

Friday and Saturday nights are usually the best nights to hit the town.


Most venues will usually have some kind of event going on and most people will be out on the weekend.


Bristol is a big student city, therefore there is always something going on somewhere, typically up near the triangle just off of Park Street which is near student accommodation.

What is the Dress Code for most venues?

The usual shirt, trousers, jeans and shoes is probably a good ideal if you don't want any issues getting in to venues, however t-shirts are usually fine.


Ladies the usual smart/casual clothes or dress etc.  You know better than we do!

What ID do the night clubs accept?

Most bars and night clubs will only accept a passport or driving license.

Anything else is at their discretion.