Bristol Festivals


Bristol harbour festival

The biggest free festival in Bristol

Attracting over 250,000 people world wide.

The Bristol Harbour festival (Harbourfest) brings a magnitude of variety celebrating Bristol's maritime history and floating docks.


If you are a fan of dance, music, boats, arts & circus acts, then this is a must go to festival.  The festival is wide spread over the Bristol city centre & harbourside where you will witness historic landmarks among modern society.


You are welcomed with stalls & stands all across town where you can grab a drink, burger, and most importantly have fun with the masses of entertainment on offer.

You will find the main stage at the trademark Bristol amphitheatre hosting some big name DJ's and bands.  

The festival is held annually in summertime around July.

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Dot To Dot Festival

A multi venue, metropolitan, award winning festival. 


As the name suggests, the Dot To Dot Festival is dotted in 3 different cities over the weekend.  Typically starting at Manchester, then into Bristol and finishing at Nottingham.

The artists all play in the same city for the day and evening, before moving onto the next city, meaning you get to experience a full day of entertainment and party the night away.

The Dot To Dot festival spreads itself over multiple venues in Bristol, giving you a different experience every time - with artists playing in some of the smaller bars and then moving over to some of Bristol's biggest night clubs it is a day and night you won't forget.

The festival takes place annually and is typically held around the late May bank holiday weekend.

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Oktoberfest Bristol

The Bavarian wonderland of happiness.

The Bristol Oktoberfest brings the Bavarian tradition to the heart of Bristol, allowing you to get a taste of the authentic German culture.

Typically the Passenger Shed at Brunel's Old Station is taken over for 2 days and transformed into a Bavarian workshop, with a stage and band playing the Oom-pop type of Bavarian German music.


Throwing one litre steins, pretzels and bratwurst sausages into the mix, this is an alcohol fuelled fun packed festival with a tongue in cheek, dancing on the tables atmosphere.

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